Video Ads Configuration

NOTE: You need to turn ON the Video Ads on both Theme Options and Cactus-Video Ads settings as below to enable this function.

1. Go to Theme Options > Video Ads to Enable Video Ads


2.Go to Cactus-Video Ads > General to Enable Ads. You can go through the following part to know more details about other settings of this function.



2.1 General – Configure to turn on/turn off, duration for displaying the advertisement


  • Enable Ads: Turn on/Turn off the advertisement
  • Show close button after: Display “Turn off Ads” button after the number of seconds you want
  • Ads play again after: The advertisement will automatically run after the number of seconds you want
  • Close Button Position: The position of “Turn off Ads” button

2.2 Brand – Ads Logo is located above video player



  • Enable Brand: Turn on/ Turn off Ads Logo
  • Upload Logo: Upload Ads Logo
  • Ads Text: Logo in form of text will be shown when there is no logo image
  • Position: Logo’s position
  • Opacity: The opacity of logo in form of text
  • Text color: Choose color for logo in form of text