13. Smartcontent Box


  1. Grid: Displays posts according to in form of grid, just shows images without description.
  2. Small carousel: Lists all of the descriptive images of posts.
  3. Medium carousel: Displays descriptive images above and descriptive texts below.
  4. Medium carousel with Navigation: Displays images and the title of posts in the form of sliding posts.
  5. Single: Displays as single image text on the left and the description on the right.

NOTE: Some parameters do not work with all layouts. Such as “show_author”, “show_excerpt”…

The Code

[scb title="" layout=" " condition="" timerange="" postformats=" " count="" row="" column="" url_viewall="" label="" ids="" order=" " show_title="" show_rate="" show_excerpt="" show_dur="" show_view="" show_com="" show_like="" show_aut="" show_date="" categories="" number_excerpt="" quick_view=" " ]


  • title –  Describes a category of names
  • layout – Select layout of smartbox.
    There are 5 settings of layout. You can one of  these types of layout to display posts. See more here
  • condition – Select condition.
    • Latest: Shows the latest posts.
    • Most Viewed: Shows the most viewed posts.
    • Most Liked: Shows the most liked posts.
    • Most commented: Shows the most commented posts.
    • Title: Order by title alphabetically.
    • Modified: Ordered by the last modified date.
    • Random: Shows the posts randomly
  • timerange – Select time range to query
    There are 5 time range: All, Day, Week, Month, Year .
  • postformats – Select post formats to query
    There are 4 post formats: StandardGaller, VideoAudio.
  • count –  Enter the number of slides which will be displayed on Smart Content Box.
  • row – Enter number row of post
  • column – Select column of Smartbox
    The columns attribute controls width of columns should be displayed on Smart Content Box shortcode. You can choose from 2 ,4 or 6 columns
    Note: For the “Medium carousel” layouts. When select 2,4,6 columns in the Smart Content Box settings , it will correspond to 1,2,3 columns per row on the front-end.
  • url_viewall – Link to view all post
  • label – Label For Url view all
  • ids – Enter list of id post to query
  • order – ascending or descending. default is DESC
  • show_title – Select show or hide excerpt
  • show_excerpt – Select show or hide excerpt
  • show_rate – Select show or hide rating
  • show_dur – Select show or hide duration
  • show_view – Select show or hide view
  • show_com – Select show or hide comment
  • show_like – Select show or hide liked
  • show_aut – Select show or hide author (ONLY use for Medium carousel and Single style)
  • show_date – Select show or hide date (ONLY use for Medium carousel and Single style)
  • number_excerpt – Enter Number of excerpt to show
  • categories – Enter categories, separated by a comma (can be either ID or slug)
  • quick_view – Select Quick View Info / Quick View Video Hover Popup