17. Classy Slider

This beta shortcode is added in TrueMag version – 2017.03.29 to allow using Classy Slider outside of Header



The Code

[classy condition="" ids="" categories="" tags="" sort_by="" count="" timerange="" paged="" postformats="" auto="" auto_timeout="" auto_duration="" player=""]


  • condition – Select condition.
    • Latest: Shows the latest posts.
    • Most Viewed: Shows the most viewed posts.
    • Most Liked: Shows the most liked posts.
    • Most commented: Shows the most commented posts.
    • Title: Order by title alphabetically.
    • Modified: Ordered by the last modified date.
    • Random: Shows the posts randomly
  • ids – Enter list of id post to query
  • categories – Enter categories, separated by a comma (can be either ID or slug)
  • tags – Enter tags, separated by a comma (just can be slug)
  • order – ascending or descending. default is DESC
  • count –  Enter the number of videos which will be displayed on the right list.
  • timerange – Select time range to query. There are 5 times ranges: All, Day, Week, Month, Year.
  • paged  –  Enter the number of pages
  • auto  – 1/0 – autoplay or not
  • auto_timeout  –  Enter the number of timeout before switching videos on slider
  • auto_duration – 1/0 – Show video duration, if it is Video Post