Theme Purpose

TrueMag can work as a video site or magazine site. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > General > Theme Purpose to change this mode. All “Videos” text will be replaced by “Posts” and vice-versa. The most different thing between these two modes is when you use Page Template, Smart Content Box shortcode and the Category-Top Carousel in Category page. See below figures:

Blog Listing


Video/Grid Listing



Style of main Posts Page can be set in Appearance > Theme Options > Blog. If you have Page Template to display posts, note that:

  • In Video theme-mode: Video/Grid Listing template only displays video (post-format) posts and Blog Listing template only displays the other post-format posts (Standard, Gallery and Audio).
  • In Magazine theme-mode: Both Video/Grid Listing and Blog Listing template display all kind of post-formats (Standard, Video, Gallery, and Audio)
Same thing applies to Smart Content Box (SCB) shortcode. In Video theme-mode, SCB shortcode and Category-Top Carousel only display video (post-format) posts. In Magazine theme-mode, they display everything (Standard, Video, Gallery and Audio)