Theme Hooks

True Mag provides some “hooks” that allow developers to customize the theme (using child-theme or plugin)

No. Name Purpose Since Sample Code
1 cactus_player_hook To replace the video player by your own player 3.2 In this case, you want to use JWPlayer instead of default video player (True Mag had automatically recognized JWPlayer)

 function jwplayer_hook($player_html, $url, $id_post) {
		$file = get_post_meta($id_post, 'tm_video_file', true);
			if(class_exists('JWP6_Plugin')) {
					add_filter('tm_video_filter', array('JWP6_Shortcode', 'widget_text_filter'));
			if(function_exists('jwplayer_tag_callback')) {
				add_filter('tm_video_filter', 'jwplayer_tag_callback');
			$jwplayer_shortcode = '[jwplayer config="firstplayer" file="'.$file.'" ]';
			echo apply_filters('tm_video_filter', $jwplayer_shortcode);
			return $player_html;
	add_filter( 'cactus_player_hook', 'jwplayer_hook',10,3 );