OnePress Social Locker is compatible with TrueMag in all single post pages

In order to lock the entire content of video in header at all single pages, follow these steps below
    • Step 1: Go to Social Locker > Alockers > New Locker – Create Social Locker with the following attributes
      • URL to share: Enter the URL that you want your visitors to like, tweet or +1. Or, you can leave this field empty to use the URL of the page where the locker is located. Need a separate URL for each button, try a premium version of the plugin.
      • Locker header: Type a header which attracts attention or calls to action. You can leave this field empty
      • Locker message: Type a message which will appear under the header. Shortcodes: [post_title], [post_url]
    • Step 2: Create a Locker (a Default Locker is often made available)
    • Step 3: Press Setup Batch Lock, choose tab CSS Selector and enter the value #player-embed.
  • Step 4: Click Update and save