How to use Detube Escape plugin

This article will direct you how to use this tool to convert all your posts from Detube to TrueMag with fully compatible.

Please follow these steps below.

Step 1

Find and install, activate TrueMag- Detube Escape plugin in Installation Files/ Tool-to-convert-deTube-to-TrueMag folder

Step 2 (optional)

As default, DeTube Escape plugin will find all Video Post format to convert but for some reasons, your video data are stored in Standard Post then the plugin won’t convert anything.

If that’s your case, you need to go to Posts, bulk edit all the posts to video format as below:

  • Select posts to bulk edit (you can click Screen Option to increase the number of items per page)


  • Change the post format to Video


Step 3

Go to Plugins page, make sure TrueMag- Detube Escape plugin was activated.Refresh (F5) this page. Once this page is reloaded, 100 posts will be converted.

plugins page

You will get the result like this: