TrueMag - Videos and Magazine Wordpress Theme - v4.0

The Documentation

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TrueMag Layout

Install and Update


Always remember to download the latest version from your ThemeForest account. The Installable Wordpress Themes is just the installable Wordpress theme files. The Main Files includes these following files and folders:

  • Documentation Folder - contains this document and other materials
  • Installation Files Folder - contains all installable files, including theme & plugins
    • theme/ - TrueMag theme
    • plugins/ - A plugin which contains all shortcodes for theme. It contains Visual Composer plugin which helps you visually build pages
    • plugins/ - A plugin which enables Movie feature for theme
    • plugins/ - A plugin which enables Rating feature for theme
    • plugins/ - A plugin which enables Member feature for theme
    • plugins/ - provide "in-video" advertising solution
    • plugins/ - provide video-playlist feature
    • plugins/ - provide video-channel feature
    • plugins/ - A (premium) plugin which displays menu in different way
    • plugins/ - A (premium) plugin which adds more features to default search form
    • plugins/ - The amazing (premium) Revolution Slider which creates beautiful image sliders for your website.
    • plugins/ - (not-supported) JW Player for WordPress
  • Sample Data Folder - contains sample data files
    • TrueMag-data.xml All Data
    • TrueMag-themeoptions-settings.txt Theme Options Settings
    • Sampple Revolution Slider

Step 1. Log into your WordPress Admin area.
Step 2. Look down the left hand column for “Appearance” and then click on the word “Themes”.
Step 3. In the "Themes" page, click “Install Themes”
Step 4. In the "Install Themes" page, click "Upload", then click “Browse” to browse for the theme installation file in [path-to-your-downloaded-package]/Installation File/ Click "Install Now".
Step 5. After installed successfully, click "Activate" to make the theme active
Step 6. Install optional plugins if needed. The four included plugins are optional, but we recommend to install at least TrueMag Shortcodes and TrueMag Movie plugin to have full features. Navigate to Plugins > Add New to install and activate plugins. Besides, we recommend using these extra plugins (free). All has been tested and used on our demo page

Auto Update

  1. Go to Plugins > Add News > Upload, find and install /plugins/ file (in the download package)
  2. To establish an Envato Marketplace API connection navigate to the Envato Toolkit page and insert your Marketplace username and secret API key in the designated input fields. To obtain your API Key, visit your "My Settings" page on any of the Envato Marketplaces
  3. Once the API connection has been established you will see a list of themes that can be auto installed. If you don't see any themes and are certain you've done everything correct, there is a good chance the theme author has not updated their theme to be available for auto install and update. If that's the case, please contact the theme author and ask them to update their theme's information
  4. Note Only theme is updated. Related plugins must be updated manually. Please check release logs to see if you need to update plugins

Manual Update

You can also update new version in traditional way:
  1. Deactive current theme by going to Appearance > Themes and activate any other themes such as the default Wordpress 3.8's Twenty Fourteen.
  2. Delete older version by clicking on Delete link. Confirm to delete.
  3. Update and re-install new version.
All posts and settings will be saved. This is data-safe method.

Install Sample Data

One Click Install

Before starting, there are some notes worth checking:

  1. Make sure you have installed all recommended plugins before importing sample data
  2. It is better to install sample data on a fresh Wordpress installation. Therefore, you may want to reset your site to default settings. Install and use Wordpress Reset plugin to do that. After installed, go to Tools > Reset
  3. The import process may take several minutes due to large data and your server capacity. If your server setting "Max Execution Time" is too low, increase it (as your hosting provider). Please do not close the browser until it finishes. If it fails, you can run this process again until seeing the "Success Message". Demo Images are not installed due to some copyrighted licenses
  4. Install Sample Revolution Slider if needed. Go to Revolution Slider, click Import Slider and browse for /Sample-Data/ in the full download package
  5. If you have to run the process more than once, menu items may be duplicated. Just go to Appearance > Menus and edit/delete Main Menu items

Go to Appearance > Theme Options, scroll to bottom, you will see a button Import Sample Data. Click on that and confirm to install sample data. That's all!

Feature Images are just for demo purposes. Do not worry about the image size. Once you replace them with your own images, they will look like our demo page.
Additional step: go to Appearance > Widget, in Home Sidebar, open the first Text widget and enter no-border in Custom Variation field. This will change the style of Testimonial widget in home page.

Traditional way to import
Alternatively, you can use traditional way to import data. In /Sample Data/ folder, you can find there are:
  • truemag-data.xml All Data
  • themeoptions-settings.txt Theme Options Settings
  • Sample Revolution Slider
  • widget_data.json Widget configuration
To install sample data as seen on our demo page, following these steps

Step 0. Make sure you have installed TrueMag theme and all recommended plugins
Step 1. Go to Tools > Import, then click on Wordpress
Step 2. If it is not yet installed before, you have to install it. On the popup window, click on "Install Now"
Step 3. After installed successfully, click on Activate Plugin & Run Importer
Step 4. Browse for [path-to-your-downloaded-package]/Installation File/Sample Data/TrueMag-data.xml and click Upload File and Import.
Step 5. After uploaded, the confirmation page appears. Check the Download and import file attachments option and click Submit. If you have trouble with importing (it might breaks in the middle due to long execution time), try again with this option Unchecked! Or, try to import separate files as they are smaller
Step 6. After uploaded, the confirmation page appears. Check the Download and import file attachments option and click Submit
Step 7. When you see message "All done. Have fun!", you will know that the import is done. Note: you may need to re-import the second time if the data is large. Back to Step 1. until you see the message below

Step 8. Go to Settings > Reading, set Front page displays to A Static page. Choose Home Page page as Front page and Blog as Posts page
Step 9. Go to Appearance > Menus, choose Main Navigation menu as Primary Menu
Step 10. Install Widget Settings Importer/Exporter and go to Tools > Widget Settings Import to import Sample-data/widget_data.json file
Step 11. Go to Option Tree > Settings > Import and paste content of Sample-Data/theme-options.txt into Theme Options text field, then click Import Theme Options button.
Step 12. OK, done!

Theme Options

TrueMag comes with a lot of options to help you totally customize the look & feel of your site. Go to Appearance > Theme Options to configure.

There are settings for General, Colors, Fonts, Main Navigation, Front Page, Single Post/Video, Single Page, Blog, Category, Headline Section, Search, 404, Advertising, Social Account, Social Sharing and Theme Update. It is quite straight-forward to learn the use of these sections

Shortcodes & Visual Composer

When TrueMag-Shortcodes plugin is installed, you will get Visual Composer mode and a full list of shortcodes. Visual Composer is a great plugin which helps you to visually build page layout. You can find full documentation of Visual Composer in [Documentation\Visual Composer] folder

Full list of shortcodes


TrueMag has a great bunch of built-in shortcodes. Below is list of TrueMag shortcodes:

Smart Content Box


Member (Available when CT-Member plugin is installed)

Icon Box





Checklist can be added using classic editor (OR you can add a text box shortcode to a row by using Visual Composer)
Step 1: In classic editor panel, use checklist button to add checklist shortcode. There are 2 types of checklist shortcode for you. (See image bellow)

After step 1, you will have the code for checklist as

Step 2: Add Content by using ul tag (see image bellow)




Update soon...

How to use Smart Content Box

Step 1: Go to Pages → Add New → Backend Editor to configure, After that choose “Add element”

Step 2: Go to Smart Content Box

Step 3: Enter values for the following parameters:

Setting HomePage & Blog

If you haven't installed sample data, then you can follow this section. When first installed, your home page is blog page. To set up home page, follow the steps below
Step 1. Create a page named Home Page (or whatever you like). Go to Pages > Add New.
Step 2. Disable Comments on this page

If you do not see Discussion box, click on Screen Options grips on top of page and check Discussion
Step 3. Build content of home page using shortcodes and other elements

Step 4. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Front Page. In this tab, you set-up Header Style for Home Page Header and other conditions to query items for Header

Step 5. Go to Settings > Reading and set Front page displays to A static page. Then set Front Page to the page you created in previous step (Home Page)

To set up blog, follow the steps below
Step 1. Create a page named Blog (or whatever you like)
Step 2. Go to Settings > Reading and set Front page displays to A static page. Then set appropriate Posts Page to the page you created in previous step (Blog)
Step 3. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Blog to configure your blog page.
Step 4. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag widgets to Main Sidebar or Blog Sidebar if Blog Layout is set to Sidebar Left or Sidebar Right layout in previous step.
If there is any widget in Blog Sidebar, it will be used in stead of Main Sidebar

Configure Header Style

There are two ways to configure Header Style
Use Header Slyle with the following options

Configure Header Style with Big Carousel

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Style with Sidebar (Boxed Carousel)

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Sidebar (FullWidth Carousel)

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Metro Carousel (Metro Slider)

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Siderbar use Revolution Slider

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Classy Slider 2(Horizon)

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Classy Slider 3(Horizon & Big Image)

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Video Slider

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Classy Slider( Vertical)

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Amazing Slider

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with HomePage Photo

You need to follow these steps:

Configure Header Slyle with Light Version

You need to follow these steps:

Theme Purpose: Video theme-mode and Magazine theme-mode

TrueMag can work as a video site or magazine site. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > General > Theme Purpose to change this mode. All "Videos" text will be replaced by "Posts" and vice-versa. The most different thing between these two modes is when you use Page Template, Smart Content Box shortcode and the Category-Top Carousel in Category page. See below figures:

Blog Listing
Video/Grid Listing

Style of main Posts Page can be set in Appearance > Theme Options > Blog. If you have Page Template to display posts, note that:
  • In Video theme-mode: Video/Grid Listing template only displays video (post-format) posts and Blog Listing template only displays the other post-format posts (Standard, Gallery and Audio).
  • In Magazine theme-mode: Both Video/Grid Listing and Blog Listing template display all kind of post-formats (Standard, Video, Gallery, and Audio)
Same thing applies to Smart Content Box (SCB) shortcode. In Video theme-mode, SCB shortcode and Category-Top Carousel only display video (post-format) posts. In Magazine theme-mode, they display everything (Standard, Video, Gallery and Audio)

See next section, Pages & Posts, for Page Template.

Category Page

Category Page can be in Blog Listing or Video/Grid Listing mode (see Theme Purpose. When adding/editing category, you can choose Category Layout as "Default" (use setting in Theme Options), "Video/Grid Listing" or "Blog Listing". You can also control Category Header Style using numberous options in Category Edit page. It is required to install Category Images plugin first
There are 4 options for Category Header Style: Default (use setting in Theme Options), Carousel (show most popular posts in category), Banner Image (use uploaded image) and Do Not Show (hide header). You can also set Height and Link for Header.

Carousel Header
Banner Header

Pages & Posts (Videos)

Before reading next, see document for Visual Composer to learn how to use Rows & Columns to build page!

Although common settings for Pages can be done in Appearance > Theme Options > Single Page & Single Post/Video, each page/post can have its specific settings.
When adding new page, there are 2 sections to setup: Page Attributes & Page Settings
Page Attributes
 Choose Page Template for this Page. There are 4 templates available
Page Settings
  • Header Style This setting is effective when Page Template is Front Page
Post Format
TrueMag supports Standard, Video, Gallery and Audio Post Format
Post Settings
  • Video URL Paste Video URL from YouTube, Vimeo or may other video networks (like Dribbble) here. Feature Image, Title, Description and Duration of video will automatically be fetched (YouTube & Vimeo supported), so you don't need to enter these information. After fetching, you can edit these information or choose not to fetch again by checking Do Not Fetch checkbox

  • Video File If you self-host video files, enter video file URL here
  • Video Code For other video networks, you can use embed code, such as <object>, <embed>, <iframe>
  • Duration is the duration of video, in minutes
  • Video Layout Video Player can be full width (Full Width layout) and in left column (Inboxed layout)
  • Page Layout If this is set to Default, it follows setting in Appearance > Theme Options > Single Post/Video > Single Post Layout. If set (other than Default), it will override default setting

TrueMag Rating plugin

TrueMag recommends Taqyeem - WordPress Review Plugin. This is a great plugin to add rating feature to your website. If you just like a simple (but useful) alternative, TrueMag Rating plugin is a choice (free, packed with TrueMag). You will find it in /Installation Files/Plugins/ Once installed, there is a setting page for it in admin
Once you have set some default things here, in Post editing page, you will see Review where you can configure more settings or override default settings
Here is the final results: the rating meta box for a post

Cactus Channel plugin

Channel Management

Added since True Mag 4.0, Cactus Channel plugin adds the ability to create videos channel and playlist for administrator. Registered Users can subscribe favourite channels to follow the latest videos in specific categories. A channel can contain multiple videos and playlists. A playlist in turn can contain multiple videos. To have playlist feature, please update "Cactus-Video" plugin to the latest version. Below is a screenshot of a sample channel

To create a new channel, from main admin navigation, go to Channel > Add New Channel. To add a video to a channel, edit that video post and assign a channel for the post. Similarly, to add a playlist to a channel, edit the playlist and assign a channel for the playlist

To enable/disable discussion for a channel, uncheck the "Allow Comments" checkbox in "Discussion" box in Channel Edit page (if you do not see the "Discussion" box, scroll to top of the page and click on "Screen Options" button, then check the "Discusson" checkbox in the opening panel)

Channel Subscription - "Subscribed Channels" page template

Registered Users are able to subscribe a channel to follow latest videos in that channel. To create a Subscribed Channels page, go to Pages > Add New Page and choose Subscribed Channels page template. Name this page anything you want. Note that this page can only be accessed by logged-in users. When an user visits this page, he/she will see latest videos from their subscribed channels

Now go to Menus management page and add a menu item that links to that page. Use Display Logic to make this menu item Only visible to Members

Channel Settings

From main admin navigation, go to Cactus Channel Settings

Video Playlist

Video Playlist Management

Added since True Mag 4.0 (True Mag - Playlist plugin), administrators are now able create video playlists. A playlist is a collection of videos which allow users to view all at once (in a video slider). To create a playlist, from main admin navigation, go to Playlist > Add New Playlist.

Below is a screenshot of a sample playlist

To add a video to a playlist, edit that video post and assign a playlist for the post.

A playlist may or may not belong to a Video Channel (require Cactus Channel plugin to be installed). To add a playlist to a channel, edit that playlist and assign a channel for it

When viewing a video post which belongs to a playlist, the post layout turns into playlist layout

Video Playlist Settings

From main admin navigation, go to Cactus Playlist Settings page.

Other Features

Advertising Spaces

You can add advertising spaces (Google Adsense banners, text ads OR your own banners) to, basically, everywhere on this theme beside 6 pre-defined ad spaces (Top ads 1, Top ads 2, Body ads 1, Body ads 2, Foot ads, Recuring ads). To add Ads in predefining positions, you need to set in Appearance > Theme Options > Advertising with the following attributes

Advanced Search Form

Truemag package includes premium plugin Advanced Search Form (ASF). The installation file is in /Installation Files/Plugins/ Following these steps to integrate the ASF into TrueMag:
  • Step 1. Install ASF plugin
  • Step 2. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag Advance Search Form widget into Search Box sidebar. Check "Show categories list" and "Search suggestion" checboxes. Leave "Title" empty.
  • Step 3. If you would like to configure advance things, go to ASF Settings page (look for menu item in the left).

Headline section

By default (first installed), Headline section will be displayed on top of page (below Logo). Configuration for Headline is done in Appearance > Theme Options > Headline Section.

If you want to replace this section, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag other widget into Headline sidebar. Note that Headline Section and Headline Sidebar is displayed only in Home Page.

Breadcrumb / Pathway

Breadcrumb (or Pathway) is displayed only in inner pages (not Home Page). If you want to replace default breadcrumb, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag something into Pathway sidebar

Favourite Videos - User Playlist

Check this demo: Playlist Demo. To enable playlist feature, you will need to install WP Favorite Posts. Note that Playlist feature only works with BuddyPress enabled.
You can then configure Playlist settings in Appearance > Theme Options > BuddyPress

Google Adsense

There are several default positions for using Google Adsense in TrueMag. It is set up in Theme Options > Advertising. You can, however, add Google Adsense in any places using the following shortcode

[adsense pub="" slot="" class=""]

pub is Publisher ID
slot is Slot ID
class (optional) is CSS Class that you want to assign to the adsense box

User Submit Post

This feature requires Contact Form 7 plugin to work. To configure this feature:
  • 1. Create a contact form with fields having these names:
    • video-title
    • video-description
    • video-url
    • video-excerpt
    • tag
    Use shortcode [category] to display list of categories so users can choose which category to submit. Go to Theme Options > User Submit Post for more settings. Below is a sample contact form for this feature

  • 2. Copy the contact form shortcode, for example [contact-form-7 id="325" title="Suggest video"]. Go to Appearance > Widgets and drag a text widget into User Submit Video Sidebar. Paste the contact form shortcode into widget content.

  • 3. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > User Submit Video, change Enable User Submit Video Feature to Enable. You can configure other settings here also.

  • 4. If you want to send an mail (to users) to notify about the acceptance of the submited video, please Enable the feature Notification in Theme Options > User Submit Video

How to use Video Ads Management Plugin

Video Ads Management plugin is a plugin used to insert an advertisement in form of image or video above a video player. This plugin is developed by CactusThemes, it must be installed via uploading. You can find the installation files in the download package. After Video Ads Management plugin is installed, tab Video Ads will be appeared in Theme Options to turn on/turn off advertising function for the entire site. When advertising function is turned on for the entire site, it is default that the advertisment will be randomly taken from a list of Ads.

In order to configure Video Ads, go to menu Ads Config. In order to manage the advertisement, go to menu Advs. In order to appoint a specific advertisement for a post, go to Posts

Create a Video Ads Management

Go to Advs > Add New

Include the following attributes
Video Ads Configuration
Go to Ads Config

  1. General - Configure to turn on/turn off, duration for displaying the advertisement
    • Enable Ads: Turn on/Turn off the advertisement
    • Show close button after: Display "Turn off Ads" button after the number of seconds you want
    • Ads play again after: The advertisement will automatically run after the number of seconds you want
    • Close Button Position: The position of "Turn off Ads" button
  2. Brand - Ads Logo is located above video player
    • Enable Brand: Turn on/ Turn off Ads Logo
    • Upload Logo: Upload Ads Logo
    • Ads Text: Logo in form of text will be shown when there is no logo image
    • Position: Logo's position
    • Opacity: The opacity of logo in form of text
    • Text color: Choose color for logo in form of text
Assign a Video/Image Ads into Single Post Page
Step 1: Go to Posts > Add New/ Edit post > Video Ads
Step 2: Enter ID in Ads ID, if leave ID empty, ads will be selected randomly from the active Advs
Step 3: click Publish and save
Bulk Set Ads ID

This feature allows admin to set an Ads ID to all posts. Go to Cactus-Video Ads > Bulk Set Ads ID and enter Ads ID in the textfield. That's all

OnePress Social Locker Plugin

OnePress Social Locker Plugin is a plugin used to hide a portion of page's content. The text will be displayed when users "Like, Share" or use Google plus for that text
There are two versions in OnePress Social Locker plugin: (free) and
Learn More about Social Locker Plugin

The Social Locker plugin allows you to use shortcodes in order to lock content. During installation, the plugin created for you the shortcode [sociallocker] named "Default Locker".

You can create shortcodes for whatever you need them for. For instance, you could create one for locking video players or another one for locking download links. Each shortcode has its own settings.

Let's examine how to use the Default Locker.
  1. Open the editor
    Move to Social Locker -> All Social Locker in the admin menu
    Click on the shortcode titled “Default Locker” to open the locker editor
  2. Configure the locker
    • Set the URL that will receive likes/tweets/plus ones or leave the field empty.
    • Set a clear title that attracts attention or creates a call to action (see the example below).
    • Describe what the visitor will get after they unlock the content. This is very important, as visitors need to be aware of what they are getting. And please, only promise things you can deliver.
      Congratulations! The locker is ready to use.
  3. Place the locker shortcode
    Decide what content you would like to lock. It might be:
    • A download link (for instance, a free graphic, an audio file, video resources, or a printable pdf of your article).
    • A promo code (for instance, a 10% off discount, if the visitor shares your promo page).
    • The end of your article (for instance, you might show the beginning of the article to gain interest, but hide the ending).
    Basically, you can hide any content that would be important for visitors who are visiting your site.
    However, you should never:
    • Lock all of your content, posts or pages.
    • Lock boring content or content that is not interesting.
    In other words, don’t try to trick your visitors. If you do, people will become annoyed and will remove the likes/tweets/+1s after unlocking your content, which will not have the desired result.
    Open the post editor for the post where you want to put the locker. Then wrap the content you want to lock within the locker shortcode. For instance: [sociallocker] Locked Content Goes Here [/sociallocker]:
    That’s it! Save your post and see it on your site!
OnePress Social Locker is compatible with TrueMag in a Single Post page
In order to clock video player in a page, go to Posts > Edit post you want to remove, enter Locker's shortcode into box Social Locker Shortcode
This shortcode can be found in Shortcode column in a list of Lockers management
OnePress Social Locker is compatible with TrueMag in all Single Post pages
In order to clock the entire content of video in header at all single pages, follow these steps below
Step 1: Go to Social Locker > Alockers > New Locker - Create Social Locker with the following attributes
Step 2: Create a Locker (a Default Locker is often made available)
Step 3: Press Setup Batch Lock, choose tab CSS Selector and enter the value #player-embed
Step 4: Click Update and save

Conditional Code for Video Player

This feature allows admin to control the apperance of video player using a condition (PHP) code or a shortcode. An alternative content will appear to replace the video player until the contional code returns true.
In order to use this feature, follow these steps:
For Example: enter with the following shortcode into Player Logic
The result is as follows
Its main function is to create alternative links for a video post, so users can choose to view the video using one of available links. When a link is clicked, it will directly run in the player. Fill the following properties for Multi Links box:

Movie Series

Its main function is to create a list of videos which belong to a same series.
  1. Go to Theme Options > Video Series > Enable Video Series > ON
  2. Go to Posts > Series
  3. Create a new Series, then enter some information and save it
  4. Go to Posts > Add New to create a post and then choose Series for Post
  5. Create a Series page by going to Menus > Series > Choose a series > Add to Menu

    Note: If Series is not displayed in the left box, go to Screen Options > Series to activate this feature

  6. Save Menu

Note 1: In order to configure Video Series, go to Theme Options > Video Series and configure the settings:
Note 2: For single video post of a same Series, related video posts in the same series will be displayed under the video player

Note 3: Use Series shortcode: go to Pages > Add New Page > Backend Editor > Add Element > Series or enter with code follow

Report Video

Added since TrueMag 4.2.3. This feature requires Contact Form 7 plugin to work. To configure this feature:
  • 1. Create a contact form with fields having these names:
    • your-email
    • your-message

  • 2. Get the form ID, for example in this form shortcode, [contact-form-7 id="2236" title="Report video"], form ID is 2236. Go to Appearance > Theme Options > Single Post/Video, change Enable Video Report to Enable. Paste the form ID into "Video Report Form ID".
  • 3. Go to Reports to see a list of reports.

Export Video Sitemap

TrueMag 3.2.5 added Video Sitemap Export feature. To export sitemap, go to Pages > Add New and choose Video - Sitemap template. Give the page a name (slug), for example "video-sitemap", then save it. Now you can save Video Sitemap by going to that URL ""

If you have a lot of videos, the full sitemap may be two long. To prevent this, edit the Video - Sitemap page template and scroll to Video Sitemap Settings box. Set the value for Export Video From and Number of Videos to truncate the full sitemap into smaller files.


This feature allows to retrieve the data automatically including title, pictures and content from YouTube when admin add/save a post. Since April 2015, it is required to have a Google API key. Please see instructions on how to get the key here:
In order to use this feature, follow these steps:
For Example: When adding a post, enter YouTube Video URL to this field: Video URL of Post Settings

The result is as follows

How to use Kaltura video

TrueMag supports for videos from In order to use videos from Kaltura, follow this instruction below
  1. For Kaltura's public videos
    • Go to page
    • Click choose a video
    • Click the icon Share at the right corner of video

    • Copy video's embed code

    • Paste this code into Post's Video Code(Posts > Add New > Video Code and enter the embed code here)

    • Click Publish post and save
    • Check the result

  2. For Kaltura's private videos
    • First, register an account at , then upload your own videos
    • Second, install and activate Kaltura All-in-One Video Plugin
    • After plugin is successfully installed, go to Settings > All in one video and declare your account registered at
    • Go to Posts > Add new post > click the Kaltura video icon at format toolbar

    • When the window Add Kaltura Media is appeared, choose tab Browse Existing Media to see the list of medias in your account

    • Click on a video and change some attributes such as video size, types of display player

    • Click Insert into post to add video into post, then click tab Text next to the tab Visual

    • The code segment includes video's ID. Copy video's ID shown as the image below (Note: After ID's video is copied and pasted, please delete this code segment completely to remove the video you have just added. This step is only used to get ID's video)

    • Paste this ID into Video ID and choose Video in Format and Publish post

JWPlayer 6 - Video Sub-title

Since True Mag 3.4, you are able to add sub-titles for videos if you use JWPlayer WordPress plugin 6. You will need a sub-title file which looks like this: JWPlayer supports captions in two format:
  • WebVTT, a plain text format that's part of the HTML5 standard.
  • SRT, a plain text format that's popular amongst file sharers.

To use this feature, go to a video post and find the "Closed Captions" setting box. Upload sub-title files somewhere and then paste the link to Video Caption fields. Each field is for a language

JWPlayer 7 - Integration

Since JWPlayer 7, the plugin's author has removed the official WordPress plugin for JWPlayer. We now support the (unofficial) JWPlayer 7 for WordPress

To make it work, make sure you have registered a free account at this link: and follow the steps

Go to Theme Options > Single Post/Video > JWPlayer version and change to JWPlayer 7

WordPress Automatic

When setting up a Campain in WP Automatic, you need to config to add video url to Video URL field, pls follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Enable "Add custom fields to the posts" option
  • Step 2: Enter Field name: tm_video_url option
  • Step 3: Enter Value:[source_link]
  • Step 4: Save


True Mag provides some "hooks" that allow developers to customize the theme (using child-theme or plugin)

No.NamePurposeSinceSample Code
1cactus_player_hookTo replace the video player by your own player3.2In this case, you want to use JWPlayer instead of default video player (True Mag had automatically recognized JWPlayer)

 function jwplayer_hook($player_html, $url, $id_post) {
		$file = get_post_meta($id_post, 'tm_video_file', true);
			if(class_exists('JWP6_Plugin')) {
					add_filter('tm_video_filter', array('JWP6_Shortcode', 'widget_text_filter'));
			if(function_exists('jwplayer_tag_callback')) {
				add_filter('tm_video_filter', 'jwplayer_tag_callback');
			$jwplayer_shortcode = '[jwplayer config="firstplayer" file="'.$file.'" ]';
			echo apply_filters('tm_video_filter', $jwplayer_shortcode);
			return $player_html;
	add_filter( 'cactus_player_hook', 'jwplayer_hook',10,3 );

Translation & RTL

TrueMag is a WMPL-compatible and multi-language ready theme. To translate this theme:
  • Download and install this tool POEdit
  • Open POEdit and load [/TrueMag/languages/TrueMag.po]
  • Translate the text and save the file
  • A file named is created. Rename it with Code Name of your language. For example, for German - Deutsche. See language code list here
  • Open [{wordpress root}/wp_config.php] and find this line define('WPLANG', '');. Change it with your language code, for example define('WPLANG', 'de_DE');
TrueMag also supports RTL - Right To Left languages. If your language is RTL, go to Apperance > Theme Options > RTL mode and check Enable RTL


Used Assets


The list might not be complete by accident. Authors who think you owe a license in this theme, please contact us at [email protected]


If you face problems with the installation or customization of our product please do not hesitate to contact us via our support ticket system: